PCH is looking for a few volunteers to help out at events.  Do you have a teen willing to help out?

Right now:

Today, our group is run by three very dedicated volunteer moms.  Together they plan and execute every event from start to finish, including all the prep and clean up.  During the events, we are also on hand to help everyone out, including helping all the young children through their projects when they need help.

What would volunteers do?

A teen volunteer would be asked to arrive a bit early to each event to help set up (particularly important when we’re meeting at the Legion Hall in Luray!).  They’d be on hand during the event to assist the younger children or perform any tasks that need doing (for example, during our party days, we might ask our volunteers to help out in the kitchen, or help serve at the tables etc.) and we’d also ask that they stay a bit later to help with the clean up.

Why should you (or your teen) volunteer?

A volunteer position isn’t paid, of course, but we are excited to offer this opportunity to learn how to be a teachers aide!  Your efforts might be able to translate into high school credit and the volunteer will also get, of course, free admission to any event you’re volunteering at.  For art and science days, we will have materials available to you after the little ones are done so that you can also make or explore them in a more in-depth way.  We don’t always need volunteers for the field trips but when we do, you’ll get to go for free!  Additionally, volunteers who prove to be really helpful can earn a free membership for your family to PCH, which means discounts for all on every event.  🙂

Can moms volunteer?

Our goal is to have people on hand who can be focused on helping, rather than focused on being mom.  Mom is a tough job and we want you to enjoy your kids.  Plus, this volunteer program is being started so that teens can get a chance to help out and learn.  For these reasons, we’re not looking for mom volunteers for this opportunity.  Sorry!

Do volunteers have to come to every meeting?

We meet every Tuesday.  We’re looking for volunteers who can commit to a regular schedule.  If you can only come the first and third Tuesday, for example, that’s fine!  Just let us know.  As of April, we’re looking for teens who can commit to something regular through August.  We can revisit scheduling again in September. ♥

How do I volunteer?

Send an email to Service@PageCountyHomeschoolers.com with “Volunteer” in the subject line.  Tell us about yourself and why you’d like to help.  Please include your full name, your age and how often you can be counted on to attend an event.  (Our biggest need is on the first and third  Tuesdays of each month at the American Legion Hall in Luray)

We look forward to hearing from you!