Two GREAT Gatherings Coming Up This Month…

After this winter, I, for one, am really excited about April.  This month has been beautiful, hasn’t it?  Sunny and warm with occasional rain… It’s been a perfect spring month.

Right now, we have two more Tuesdays to share with you and we really look forward to seeing you!

Builders Workshop: For The Birds


We have a new series starting this month called “Builders Workshop” where every project will incorporate hammers and nails!  What kid doesn’t love banging nails into something?  🙂

This month we actually get to enjoy TWO projects at once.  We’ll be building a bird house and a bird feeder.  Once they are assembled (using nails and glue) we will paint them up, decorate them, seal them and get them ready for hanging outside.  We’ll even send you home with a little baggie of bird seed so that you can fill your feeder right away and enjoy watching the birds dine.  This class is being held at the R. H. Dean Park in Luray.  We hope to see you there!


Regular, Non Member $8.00
Standard Member $6.50
Gold Member $5.00




Pizza & Petting Zoo At The Park



We have secured the fun services of a sweet little petting zoo to come visit us at Ed Good Memorial Park in Stanley (right next to the Pioneer Bank).  We will meet and enjoy some pizza together and lots of free play time.  Then the petting zoo will come set up for us and we’ll have a full hour to pet and play with these fun furry friends.


Regular, Non Member $6.50
Standard Member $5.00
Gold Member $3.00




More About Membership

Did you notice that there are three prices for every class?

Every class at PCH is open to ALL homeschoolers, even if you’re not a member.  There’s never any obligation.  You can join us once, once a month, or for every class we offer.  If you find that you like meeting with us (and we sure hope you do!) you may want to go ahead and become a member.

A standard membership is just $5 per month for your whole family (and up to 2 guests per class!).  If you join us for a couple of classes each month, you’ll save more than that, especially if you have more than one child attending.

Gold members get even deeper discounts for $10 per month per family!

I personally have 4 children who attend the classes.  You can bet I bought the Gold membership!  🙂  Take a look at what I saved on JUST the two classes featured in this post: I saved $12 on the Builders Workshop class and another $14 on the pizza park day!  Worth committing $10 per month for?  You bet! And there is a LOT more coming up through the summer that will make membership a really easy decision.

Membership is a great way to help support the group and make sure we always have fun things on the schedule.  If you aren’t a member yet, please consider becoming one!  🙂