What Do YOU Want?

Page County Homeschoolers is at a crossroads today.

All of us have an opportunity to create the kind of organization that we want and need to support homeschool families here in the valley.

Let’s take a look at where we’ve been, and then let’s discuss where we’d like to go!



Page County Homeschoolers began as a rather informal meet-up group that soon formalized into a weekly gathering with classes and field trips to look forward to. Our classes have been unique in that we don’t over-script the event, allowing plenty of time for individual exploration and socializing.

For our family, and many others, these weekly events quickly became a highlight and were always sorely missed when we had to skip one.





We’ve had a few bumps along the way, though, and this moment in our history feels like the bumpiest.  🙂  I’m confident, though, that with your help we can not only overcome our current challenges but come out the other side a stronger organization ready to support the quickly growing number of homeschool families here in our county and beyond.



We have three challenges to face today, and we need your help to push through them.

  1.  Our amazing Secretary, Jessica Mullins, has had to resign her position.  Her family is making a huge leap after much prayer and consideration to enroll their children in a private school and she will be entering the workforce. We will miss her so much but wish her every success and joy.
    This means, however, that we need to fill this position!
    At this time the requirements are minimal, but growing as our organization moves into becoming a 501(c)3 non-profit.  We would ask you to be available for quarterly board meetings and we do also tend to bug each other all the time on Facebook Messenger.  😉  You will help us as we decide what classes to offer, field trips to set up, etc. Would YOU like to be our secretary?

  2. Our ability to meet at the Main Street Baptist Church may be in jeopardy. We love meeting there because there is a lovely meeting room, a large kitchen area where we have had a great time teaching the kids to cook great meals, plenty of bathrooms, and it’s easy to clean up!  I don’t know for sure about our future there.
    So we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best.
    Do you know of anywhere within a 25-minute drive from Stanley that would host us for free or really really really cheaply?  🙂  We need to be able to host about 50 people at a time, although the possibility to host more than that would be amazingly awesome.  PLEASE leave lots of suggestions in the comments! 

  3. Fundraising!  I don’t like asking, but our group is almost always running at a deficit. I have spent a lot of my own money in the past to keep things going. As many of you know, though, my husband recently had open-heart surgery and we have been putting every penny we have into his health-care.  🙂  So that means we need to work harder at helping PCH run in the black.  A surplus would be fantastic – But I’d settle for breaking even!  There are a few things we can do here:

    1. Help us with some summer fundraisers – We’re open to ideas!  Our Krispy Kreme Fundraisers have been successful in the past.  What else could we do?

    2. Volunteer to run our fundraisers!  – We would LOVE to have someone who organizes and runs fundraisers for our group. Does this sound like something you’d enjoy?

Those are our challenges.

Now we get to talk about the direction we want to go in!





Do you like the classes we were doing before my husband went in for surgery?  🙂

Do you wish we had more social gatherings?

More field trips?

Would you like to see more events than just once per week?

Would you like to see different types of events?

Would you like events geared towards new homeschoolers?

How to begin homeschooling?


What would YOU like to see?



This is the time to share it all – do NOT hold back!  (But DO be nice! lol  We’re all volunteers!)

I look forward to hearing from you here or on our Facebook Page.

I will be setting up a sort of ‘town hall’ kind of meeting, too, so we can all get together and brainstorm.
But I NEED TO STRESS THIS PART TO YOU – This group needs everyone to give their input right now, TODAY.  ♥

Thank you!