JOIN US for Monday Movers: Starting Today at 1 pm!

All are welcome to join in this new, fun, encouraging meetup at the Greenway in Luray, VA where we get everyone (parents included) moving for half an hour on a section of the Greenway.

The Greenway in Luray is divided into color-coded sections and we’re going to enjoy one section each week.  Kids and parents can do laps up and down the section of the week and enjoy the encouragement of other homeschoolers doing the same.  After our half-hour is up, all are welcome to stay after to enjoy each others company if your time allows that.

To encourage you and your children along the way, everyone will get punch-cards to bring with them. Every time you attend, you’ll get a new hole in your punch card.  When you get 5, 8, and 10 holes, you’ll get a prize! (Yup… parents, too!)

It’s completely free to join in.  Just CLICK HERE to learn more about our new Monday Movers Meetups and to RSVP.



What’s Happening at PCH? A LOT! (Join in!)

Hey!  Have you popped by and checked out the new events we have posted at PCH?  Remember, you don’t have to be a member OR live in Page County to join in any of our events!  We are ALWAYS open to everyone. ♥  (We do ask that you actually homeschool your kiddos, though… 😉 )

SEEDS: A Day Of Science And Art  (April 5th @ 11:00 am)

SEEDS-ADayOfScienceAndArtJoin us for an event designed by our amazing secretary, Bethany Boyd.  We’ll be dissecting a seed, learning what makes them grow, experimenting and discovering how pollination works through hands on activities, and creating beautiful art from seeds.  We’ll also be making “seed bombs” that you can toss wherever you’d like to see an explosion of beautiful plants grow! ♥

There will be time for lunch, as well, so please bring along a lunch for your family to enjoy.  After the main event, we also have time for the park across the street, weather permitting.  It’s a lovely playground!

We hope you’ll be able to join us!  ♥

— @ American Legion Hall in Luray, VA  — REGISTER HERE

Morefield Mine: GEM Mining Trip! (April 12th @ 12:00 PM)


IMPORTANT: You MUST register before March 31st to attend!  The venue requires an accurate headcount by then.  Thank you!

The Morefield Gem Mine has agreed to allow our group to visit on April 12th.  They are not open to the public this spring, only to school groups, and they are closed entirely for the summer, so this is a great opportunity!

  • Dig through the raw ore they’ve brought up from their mine!
  • Find amazingly beautiful rocks, gems and minerals
  • They’ll help you identify your finds for free
  • You get to bring home whatever you can fit in a 5 gallon bucket (provided by PCH!)

This is a fun opportunity for your little rockhounds to get dirty and explore, finding beautiful rocks and learning a whole lot about mining.

  • BRING A CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR EVERYONE.  You’ll probably be quite muddy by the time we’re heading back to the cars and you’ll want to change before climbing back in!
  • BRING A PICNIC LUNCH: There is space to picnic, but you’ll need to provide your own food and drinks.


Mother’s Day Craft: “Charming” Key Chains  (April 19th @ 11:00 am)

We’ll be using fun shrink plastic sheets to create beautiful charms.  We’ll shrink them, seal them and turn them into a keychain for mom!  Then we’ll box them and wrap them, ready for Mother’s Day gifting.  ♥

(Sample image coming soon… They are CUTE!)

Bring along a lunch to enjoy while we’re together and if the weather is nice, we’ll follow up with some park time across the street. ♥

@ American Legion Hall In Luray, VA  —  REGISTER HERE


Pizza, Park and Petting Zoo Day!  (April 26th @ 11:00 am)

PizzaAndPettingZooApril28th2015Last year we had a BLAST with this event and so we are repeating it with the hope that it will be even bigger and better!

From 11:00 to 12:00 we’ll be enjoying the fun of a wonderful travelling petting zoo, right here in Stanley!  Ed Good Memorial Park will be hosting us and the kids will have plenty of time to play on the playground, pet the animals and then, for lunch, eat some delicious pizza.  (Moms get some too!) We’ll also have water, juice, soda, coffee and more.

This will be a beautiful day for moms to reconnect and kids to make new friends as we enjoy the beautiful warm weather. ♥

NOTE:  If you come late, you might miss the animals. They will be with us only from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm!  Pizza will be served at about 12:15 pm.  The remainder of the day will be for free play with the possibility of some organized games.

@ ED Good Park in Stanley, VA (Next to the Pioneer Bank)  — REGISTER HERE

KINETIC KIDS GYM!!!  —  LIMITED SPACE —   (May 10th – 2 Sessions)

KineticKidsFieldTripJan2015Join us for 90 minutes of fun at Kinetic Kids Gym where kids can do gymnastics, climb, zip line, bounce and more.  (Seriously… there’s a LOT of fun to be had there…)  BEST FOR KIDS 12 AND UNDER.

NOTE: There are TWO SESSIONS available and you’ll need to sign up for which ever session you’d like to attend.

SESSION 1:  11:00 am – 12:30 pm

SESSION 2:  1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

THERE IS LIMITED SPACE IN EACH SESSION… We can not add extra people to this trip at all, so if you’d like to be in the same session with another family, please make sure you coordinate that.

@Kinetic Kids Gym in Harrisonburg, VA — REGISTER HERE


Remember… MEMBERSHIP has lots of benefits!  

If you’re loving the activities we’re preparing for you and you think you’ll be participating in more than one activity each month, we highly recommend membership!  We do our best to treat our members EXTRA special… Members get 30% off everything and Gold level members get 50% off!  That can be an AMAZINGLY valuable deal.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event! ♥

Join us tomorrow for some really fun (and slightly messy) art time?

I know it’s a little bit last minute, but we have a great art class set up for you for tomorrow!  Can you join us?

We’re going to be using acrylic paints on canvas along with some fun cookie cutter shapes to create beautiful art you’ll be proud to hang of give as a gift!

Don’t worry.  Even though the image shows just two colors, we’re going to show the kids how to have great fun with LOTS of colors and STILL end up with something amazing! ♥


MOMS:  You can join in too!

Read more about this painting event or register now!

Progress and New Events!

I spent most of Saturday working on this website making it do what we needed it to… So now, here’s how this all works:


You can choose to become a member of PCH (Page County Homeschoolers) for $5 per month.  You are not required to do so.  However, becoming a member gets you some perks!  Like free and discounted classes/field trips.

It’s easy to become a member and it’s all done with PayPal, so your payment information is nice and secure!  Just hover over “Membership” in the menu and click “Become A Member“.  Then follow the prompts and you’ll be all set.

Signing Up For Events

We have some new things on our calendar, and this is where we get to see the magic happen on this site…  If you are a member and you are signed in, you’ll see your  member pricing for events.  If you are not a member, you’ll see the non-member pricing.  All events are open to everyone!

New Events:

Click the images to go learn more!  The Kinetic Kids trip is coming up quick, so be sure to sign up soon!

KineticKidsFieldTripJan2015  EngineeringDay-BobsledChallengeSquare