Hawaii – Art & Music

Join us for our FIRST CLASS back from the holidays!  We’re eager to see you all! ♥

ITALY: Art & Music


UPDATED:  We’re going to do mosaic techniques 2 ways!  🙂

There’s so much to pick from!  I’ll be honest… at this moment I’m not sure WHAT direction we’re going to go in with our Italian Art Study…  But you can bet we’re going to enjoy diving into some fun techniques and incredible history!


Yeah… Music too!  lol  So much to pick from!  But I CAN tell you that your children will get the chance to play an accordion The accordion isn’t here yet…. So we’ll get to play it next week during our cooking day!  We’ll also have a grand time listening to some traditional Italian music.

Art & Music of Brazil – Cultures Around the World

This is going to be a very vibrant class!  🙂

We’ll be creating our own sets of maracas, creating Carnival masks and maybe even building our own kind of jingle tap (Think tambourine…) !  We’ll end the day with a Carnivale type parade.


FIELD TRIP: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Join us in Richmond, VA for a trip back in time.  We’ll get up close to some incredible ancient Egyptian artifacts, see the art and culture first-hand.

A knowledgeable docent will guide us through both Egyptian and ancient Chinese artifacts.

Then we’ll have time for lunch and you’ll be free to enjoy the rest of the museum at your leisure!

Art & Music of Ancient Egypt – Cultures Around the World

Join us on an adventure of epic proportions as we learn what it might have been like to be an ancient Egyptian scribe!

We’ll take a close look at the artistry and utility of ancient Egyptian carvings, learn why we can still see and read these things after thousands of years, and try our hand at creating our own Egypt inspired art on clay tablets.

Art & Music of Japan – Cultures Around the World


Beautiful Art of Japan

We will be using a combination of modern and ancient techniques to paint beautiful designs on silk!  We will be using a three-step process, beginning with resist, then a beautiful technique for dyeing in vibrant colors, and finally using black and stencils to finish the details. (Younger children may wish to skip the last step… but will have great fun with the first two!)

When you select your ticket, please choose which size you would like to work on (both are the same price).  We have either a long 8″ by 54″ scarf suitable for older children and adults to work on (yes, moms!  You’re welcome to enjoy this art form as well!) and we have square scarves that are 21.5″ X 21.5″, suitable for younger children (because they will be less overwhelmed by the size!) or for creating a wall hanging.  You can even choose to paint 2 square scarves (just make sure you add the appropriate ticket for that!) and then turn them into a beautiful throw pillow when you get them home.

You will go home with instructions on heat-setting your project, since we do not have the ability to do so on site. You’ll need to have clothes iron to complete this step.  If you plan to make a pillow, you will need to have needle and thread, and either a pillow form or stuffing.  These items will not be supplied to you.

Rich Musical Culture of Japan

We will also be learning about traditional music of Japan, which we will enjoy listening to while we paint, exploring and experiencing some traditional instruments of Asia, and learning a bit about how Chinese and Japanese culture have influenced each other.

Additional Information

There will be a lunch break during our class.  Please bring lunch with you for your family.  We will also have a few snacks available during the lunch break.

Join us tomorrow for some really fun (and slightly messy) art time?

I know it’s a little bit last minute, but we have a great art class set up for you for tomorrow!  Can you join us?

We’re going to be using acrylic paints on canvas along with some fun cookie cutter shapes to create beautiful art you’ll be proud to hang of give as a gift!

Don’t worry.  Even though the image shows just two colors, we’re going to show the kids how to have great fun with LOTS of colors and STILL end up with something amazing! ♥


MOMS:  You can join in too!

Read more about this painting event or register now!

Art Day – Calder Inspired Sculptures

We’ll be exploring a variety of artistic materials to create our own sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder.  We’ll learn a bit about the artist, take a look at some of his work and use his examples to create our own.


OPTIONAL: If you have some handy, please bring a rock with you… It should be clean and about the size of your fist.  A rock that is somewhat elongated will give you more sculpting space.

Please register if you’re coming so we can be sure we have enough supplies for everyone! Thank you!