Science Day – September 2018

Let’s explore energy!  There’s LOTS of different kinds of energy and we’re going to explore how different types of energy can work together. We’ll play with potential and kintetic energy, and we’ll work with light, sound, and more!

There will be several experiments with short teaching times between.  Most of this class is hands on discovery.

Join In!


NOTE:  Thanks to a generous donation by the Physics Quest folks, the cost of this class is very low.  We hope this will encourage more of you to join in.


BRING:  Lunch for your family – We will take a lunch break at about 12:30.

ARRIVE:  Please arrive between 10:50 and 11:00 am – We will have the door unlocked and someone waiting to greet you during this time.  If you arrive late, please message either Sandra or Beth to let you in.

Cooking – Greece!

Oh… Yum!

So many tasty things to try from Greece!  Since we haven’t really done many desserts this year, we’re going to make a very delicious and famous Greek dessert called Baklava!  Have you ever had it?

(NOTE: Baklava contains walnuts and honey)

We’ll also have some other delicious Greek treats to try, like stuffed grape leaves!  (Yep!  It’s a thing… and they are delicious!)

SCIENCE DAY! (Postponed)

Due to every member of our Board going through major life-issues, we are postponing this class.  Please stay tuned for details.


We are exploring SOUND today!

Learn about sound waves, learn the science behind pitch, make your own ‘straw trombone’ and complete some cool experiments… You’ll even get to SEE what sound vibrations look like.

Our teachers will lead you through 4 experiments in small groups and you will leave knowing more about sound than you ever thought possible. ♥

– This science day is possible thanks to the amazing people at PhysicsQuest who generously shipped us these beautiful kits. Thank you, PhysicsQuest!

Art Day – Greece!

We’re going to get a little messy today with CLAY!  Learn two ways to create beautiful pots like the ancient Greeks did, and if we have extra materials, you’ll get to just play around and explore the fun of creating with clay.

We’ll also learn the history of how the ancient Greeks used their clay vessels.


REQUEST FOR DONATIONS:  Our group goes through a LOT of plastic table cloths. We would deeply appreciate it if you might be willing to pick up some round plastic table cloths from the party section and bring them to any class you attend.  Bring 1, bring 5, bring a dozen….  Every little bit helps.  ♥  THANK YOU!


We’re going to make TWO versions of ‘butter chicken curry’ – One will have chicken in it and one will use a variety of fresh veggies!  All served over fluffy jasmine rice.

We’ll also taste some traditional flat breads and chutneys!

Join us in the kitchen!

The Science Of Pen & Ink (India)

Let’s learn about ink and dip pens!  Famed “India Ink” is the inspiration for this class.  We’ll learn the science behind the ink, the writing tools and some history about writing.

We’ll create our own pen & ink drawings and practice a little calligraphy.  You might want to think up a favorite quote you’d like to pen! ♥

I MIGHT even be able to swing it where you’ll be able to bring home your own pen and ink!  (Not guaranteed… depends on suppliers)

Art of India!

Join us as we explore the somewhat messy art of sand painting!  We’ll learn how this art is used in celebrations in India as well as create our own to bring home.  Kids will even get to color their own sand!  🙂


Hawaii – Art & Music

Join us for our FIRST CLASS back from the holidays!  We’re eager to see you all! ♥

Christmas Around The World Party!

Join us as we celebrate a special Christmas Party with you all!  We’ll enjoy some traditions from around the world and from right here at home, too!

We normally don’t like to charge for parties because we want everyone to come!  But this one we are planning out some crafts and activities that we need to cover, so we do have a small fee attached.  (If you can’t pay the fee but would like to join us, please contact Sandra at! )


Please comment on this page to let us know what food you can bring to share.  Please bring enough for 24 people.  It could be something savory or sweet!


One small, wrapped ornament per person you are bringing with you.  🙂  We have a very fun game to play together and everyone will go home with one ornament for your tree!


Italy: Cooking Day!

It’s time for our monthly competition!  Which team will win this time?  🙂

THE CHOSEN RECIPE IS:  Shrimp Fra Diavolo (Devil’s Monk) which will be prepared mild and then you can spice it up as much as you’d like in your bowl!  🙂 

We’ll choose a traditional Italian recipe, something a little different than we’re all used to!  🙂  Each team will work together to prepare the recipe and wow the judges!

Come hungry!  🙂