PCH is always looking for volunteers!

PCH is a non-profit organization run by three dedicated moms who donate their time and resources to bringing fun and educational opportunities to the homeschooling families of this beautiful county and beyond. We do a lot and we’re glad to do it! But sometimes, we could use a little extra help.

How to Volunteer

Email us at Service@PageCountyHomeschoolers.com and let us know which area you’d like to volunteer for!  We look forward to serving with you.

How can you help?

Collect & Organize Photos

Every event we have, we try to take photos. We have a volunteer who will be creating a year-book for us this year, but we are hoping to ease her burden by having someone else gather and organize the photos that are shared on FB and beyond into folders on our Google drive. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each week.  If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please let us know!

Help Out On Facebook

There’s a LOT involved with promoting our events and something we haven’t been great at in the past is consistently getting our events posted as Facebook Events.  We would love it if you would be able to look at the schedule on our website and use that information to create Facebook Events on our FB page that link to the events on our website.  Again, this should take just a few minutes per week if you commit to posting two events each week.

Be Our “Box Tops” Coordinator

We are about to be able to participate in the “Boxtops for Education” program and we would love to have one mom in charge of coordinating that effort. You’d be tracking submissions from each family, learning the rules of the BTFE program, and making sure PCH fulfills all of the requirements and disperses the funds appropriately. We will help wherever you need us to! You will not be alone! 🙂  But we would appreciate you taking the lead on this program to help it be the most successful we can make it.

Be a Fundraiser Coordinator

This is another position where you wouldn’t be left all alone, but you would be the one taking the lead on things and encouraging participation, etc. We’ve been most successful with your donut fundraisers through Krispy Kreme.  We are open to other ideas, though, and have no problem helping you make amazing things happen.

Be a back-up teacher

Sandra here.  I’ve been teaching nearly every class since PCH started and I don’t mind at all. I LOVE IT!  🙂  I love your kids and the topics are, well, fun!  I have only missed ONE DAY in the last 2 1/2 years (it was due to an intense migraine that kept me stuck in bed!) and while I hope to continue this trend, the odds aren’t really in my favor.  🙂  So I would sincerely love to have someone be a back-up teacher that I can call on in an emergency.  If you know me at all, you know that it is really unlikely that I WOULD call you, but I’d love to have that peace of mind… You have to love kids, have lots of enthusiasm when teaching a lesson, etc.

Preschool Activity Coordinator

Our families often bring along toddlers and preschoolers who want to participate right along with their siblings. Of course, most of our projects don’t work for them. We’d love to have one mom in charge of creating a bin or two of fun things for preschoolers to do while their family is enjoying the lesson of the day. Coordinate with other moms to collect things toddlers and preschoolers would love to play with, and help out by bringing some of these toys out during lesson and making sure they are cleaned up at the end.  🙂 You could also plan simple art activities if you’d like!

See a need?

Do you see us struggling somewhere that you think you can help with?  LET US KNOW!


How to Volunteer

Email us at Service@PageCountyHomeschoolers.com and let us know which area you’d like to volunteer for!  We look forward to serving with you.